With over 17 years of experience in the printer and toner business, we are now offering to the public our quality remanufactured toner cartridges with a full guarantee and FREE delivery and pickup within the London Ontario area! We also ship FREE Canada-wide.

Being a small shop, we are better able to handle customer’s needs as well as help protect the environment by remanufacturing empty Original Equipment Manufacturers cartridges so that none of them end up in our landfills and they don’t end up at recyclers where they can be melted down for other uses, thereby using more of our land’s precious resources.

Here is what we do:

  • Systematically diagnose used OEM cartridges (we do NOT re-manufacture compatible empties, only OEMs).
  • Disassemble cartridge and thoroughly inspect each component.
  • Replace worn or defective components with new quality parts.
  • Thoroughly clean components with High-performance vacuum.
  • Replenish cartridge with high-grade toner.
  • Reassemble cartridge.
  • Test remanufactured cartridge by printing a minimum 10 test pages.
  • Unconditionally warrant the product for 90 days.
    Worn and defective parts such as drums, blades etc., are placed in bins and stripped down to be sent to the recyclers.


THIS is the GREEN way!

Company history

We have been in the toner and ink business for 17 years, supplying resellers across Canada. Now we are supplying the end user and consumer with toners at wholesale prices without the middleman, therefore saving YOU tons of money!

We have moved away from doing inkjet cartridges to just doing solely laser toner cartridges, which allows us to streamline our operations and better service the customer with a quality product at a wholesale price.

However, we WILL supply inkjet cartridges for our toner customers on special order.

Our stance on using compatibles

We do NOT believe in selling nor making compatibles due to the fact they are not only COPIES, but are made in countries that can show a total disregard for saving our environment, as well as using cheap labour and/or child labour.

Most compatibles are made from cheap plastics and inferior parts which can cause premature failure as well as leaking toner all over the printer and the consumer.

As well, many countries outlaw the manufacturing of copies and compatibles due to patent infringements, which is why many compatibles are primarily made in China and shipped overseas to North America and Europe. China is well known for making cheap copies of popular products, which are often of poor quality, containing unknown materials. No compatibles seller can provide you with an MSDS sheet, which lists the materials used in the making of their cartridges. But remanufacturers can supply that information when requested.


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