Samsung Firmware Warning!

Owners of Samsung ML-1640, ML-2240, ML-1915, SCXx4600, SCX-4623, SCX-4826/4828 seriesĀ  laser printers should NOT upgrade thier printer firmware nor allow it to be upgraded in any way. Samsung has pulled a fast one and uploaded a new firmware update to thier site for these printers on November 17th. What this upgrade does is change your printer to refuse any cartridge other than thier own cartridges.
DO NOT UPDATE YOUR PRINTER FIRMWARE!! Otherwise you will be stuck paying Samsung’s prices for cartridges instead of enjoying our quality cartridges at great prices.
IMHO, this is a malicious attack by Samsung on our printers. We bought them and brought them home, thus what we do with them is our problem, not Samsung’s problem. Samsung pulling this stunt is no different than a hacker accessing your computer and altering it to suit thier own purpose, which is to prevent YOU, the owner, from using anyone else’s cartridges. This firmware update is done without the printer owner’s INFORMED consent!
If you do not own the above printers, but do own a Samsung.. Under no circumstances should you download any new firmware Samsung uploads, especially if your printer works fine in the first place. Make sure you turn off any automatic firmware updates for your printer via the Samsung printer settings. Also, do not use the dr. printer software provided by Samsung with your printer. It will download the hidden update and install it.
Shame on Samsung for stooping to a hacker’s level!